Exterminate Insects & Rodents with Ease


Are you seeing an influx of spiders and other creepy crawlies in your home? Don't wait until you discover one has infiltrated your pantry or gotten tangled in your sheets - partner with Shield Pest Defense to banish pests from property today! Our Eco Pest Management System allows us to place a three-foot perimeter around your home guaranteed to keep pests out for three months. The best part? Our system is non-toxic and completely eco-friendly, so you can say goodbye to spiders, termites, wasps, rodents and other vermin without worrying about harming the environment, your kids or your pets. When you want a knowledgeable exterminator, trust Shield Pest Defense in Missoula, MT.

Unprecedented Protection Deadly to Pests

EcoSURE is a process of higher consciousness with patented technology derived from the lessons of nature. Natural plant oil-based repellents and agents target the insect nervous system to drive pests out and keep them out. EcoSURE utilizes revolutionary and proprietary combinations of plant oils that offer viable botanical-based alternatives to conventional pesticides. It's safe for the planet. Safer for your family.

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Effective Against a Wide Spectrum of Insect Pests

Clinical research and field studies and testing have confirmed EcoSURE's efficacy - performing as well as most conventional toxin-based products. EcoSURE provides a effective control over a vast variety of indoor and outdoor pests - providing residual protection that lasts and lasts.

Humans are out numbered by more than 1600,000,000:1 when it comes to insects. Knowledge is your best weapon in the battle against urban and structural pests. Shield Pest Defense has that knowledge and has been helping our customers ward off pests.

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Our goal is to control pests without adversely affecting the customer's environment while simultaneously using the least toxic, most effective materials, and limiting the total volume of materials in order to reduce the potential hazard of chemical exposure to the customer and the environment. This goal is best achieved through quarterly inspections and monitoring which enables the early detection of pest activity while populations are at low levels.

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